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Looking Back at 10 of the Most Memorable 2016 Wedding Trends

Whether or not you can believe it, the year 2017 is well underway already. This means a fresh start, new beginnings and an all NEW wedding season! We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited for new brides, new trends, trade shows and well honestly, weddings in general! Before we jump right into the 2017 wedding season though, let’s give a shout out to 10 of THE most memorable trends from last wedding season.

  1. “I Do” in a beautiful destination

Last year, we saw more brides getting creative with the location of their wedding. Instead of the traditional church setting, we saw more outdoor views. Beautiful beaches are not the only sought-after destination now though, as we saw more mountains and wooded areas being thrown into the mix. Now this is one trend we predict will get more popular in the next couple of wedding seasons, and we ain’t even mad about it!

Mountain wedding

2. 90’s throwback

No you did not step into a time portal. You did however, more than likely step into the wedding of two millennials. Now that more Millennials are tying the knot we are hearing songs they grew up on. This means more N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, and Missy Elliot and a little less Foreigner, AC/DC and KISS to dance the night away to. Although sad, this trend was bound to happen soon anyway and will get more popular, we guarantee it.

3. Vintage. Chic. Modern. Themes.

Just when you think they’re out, they get pulled back in. That’s right! Themes are back and were extremely popular last year. We saw Harry Potter, to vintage Great Gatsby, to modern farm themed receptions popping up left and right. While these are adorable and we hope they don’t stop, they do tend to press budgets a little. So be sure to budget appropriately if you were thinking of continuing the themed trend for your big day.

Tent reception

4. Goodbye soft blush, hello rich colour

Blush palettes appear to still be on their way out, as more brides are continuing to go with bold, bright colors. Bright pops of color and rich hues in center pieces, bouquets, and color palettes, seemed to make more of an appearance, than anyone could have predicted. We can’t help but wonder if this bold statement is here to stay, or if more brides will switch back to the lighter, blush tones throughout 2017.

5. His and her cocktails

The days of small finger foods and appetizers between ceremony and reception appear to be fading. Instead, more brides opted for quasi classy personal cocktails. Other than being a unique conversation starter, this option is easy on the budget since it has potential to replace the open bar. It’s also an adorable personal twist, couples get to share with their guests. This might be another trend we will see more of this year.

Personal cocktails

6. Cheers for  the freakin’ weekend!

Somewhere along the line, someone suggested continuing the party, even after the guests have gone home. In simple terms, this means making the wedding into a weekend long affair. While this became more popular last year, this is one trend we can’t see, and frankly don’t want to, much of this wedding season. Weddings are exhausting enough without having to entertain guests for cocktail hour Friday, meeting up for the ceremony on Saturday, and recouping together at brunch on Sunday. We suggest limiting this to the bridal party and leave it at that.

7. Non-traditional wedding dress

Celebrities like Kim K., Dianna Agron and Angelina Jolie are to thank for this one. More brides have been trading in the “traditional” wedding dress for a more unique look. Two pieces, pantsuits, florals and even mid-day dress changes walked down the aisle last year. Now, there were some brides who still kept it down to ONE traditional white dress, but with uniqueness becoming more common in society, so will this trend.

Window wedding dresses

8. Bright lights in the big city….and everywhere else

Elegance. Chic. Ambiance. Modernness. This is everything and more we saw with lighting last year. Bare and bright took the place of low-key and colored lighting in tons of receptions, and it changed the wedding scene, for the better. Now we are seeing more brightly lit and modern styled weddings, which adds a touch of class and is better for Instagram posts anyway.

9. Metallic palettes

From flashy invitations to eye-popping table linens, metallic palettes have almost become a requirement for weddings. We’re talking rose gold, silver, and sparkles, all over. While they’ve been been around for these last couple of wedding seasons, they really seemed to explode in popularity last year. These colors are one trend we are pretty sure aren’t going anywhere any time soon. So guests better get used to glitz and glamour now.

Glitter invitations*Click on the picture to find these custom made glamor invitations on Etsy*

10. Relaxed Events

This is one trend that we can fully get on board with, and hope it continues. For those wanting to spend their big day with friends and family, a destination wedding is probably out of the question. Which is more than likely why we saw so many beach, camp, and field and weddings in 2016. More couples chose the laid back/relaxed feel which took the stress out and brought more enjoyment throughout the day. The complete opposite of the weekend-long affair, but still just as popular.

Honorable Mentions:

11. Here comes the…dog?

Having a pet in your wedding was HUGE last year. This is one thing that has become more popular through the years, and honestly, who doesn’t love this trend? We certainly do! Dressing your dog, cat, rabbit or other furry friend up and marching them down the aisle is adorable and adds a personal touch to your big day. We definitely hope this trend continues!

*Don’t forget dogs ARE allowed at Pine Lakes Lodge and your big day*

Sleepy dog at wedding

To see more ADORABLE pets in weddings click on the picture above!

Looking back at 2016 wedding trends has us even more excited to see what trends will pop up in 2017! Which trends do you think will continue and which ones do you think will disappear like Kim K’s first wedding dress? Make sure to stay tuned into the Pine Lakes Lodge blog to see what wedding trends are being predicted for this wedding season!

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

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