Whether or not you can believe it, Memorial Day is almost here. Seems like just yesterday we had snow on the ground, and because we live in Ohio, there might be snow on the ground tomorrow. That’s besides the point though. Memorial Day is here and good weather or not, camping season is starting. We’ve done blogs in the past on how to have the best camping experience. This blog is going to focus on things you should do, during your Memorial Day camping trip!

5 Memorial Day Camping Must Do’s at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

  • Enjoy the finer things

Whether you are a first time camper or someone who practically lives outdoors, remember to stop and take it all in. If you’re camping, chances are your views are pretty speculator. The woods, the hills, the mountains, it’s all nature and it’s all beautiful. DO take some time in between drinking around the campfire and kayaking to enjoy it.

  • Be respectful to nature

While you’re out there enjoying nature, DO respect it. Look, we’re all grown adults. So there is no reason to leave your food wrappers or garbage laying on the ground. All it does is attract people eating bears and very hungry trash pandas. Which brings us to our next point. Don’t. Harass. WILD. Animals! You don’t want to be that person who got mauled by a cranky beaver. Deer don’t want to be in your selfies and coyotes will attack! Just be respectful. Make sure your site is cleaned up. Stay at a safe distant away from nature. Make sure your fires are completely out. Don’t take selfies with wild animals.

  • Binge on low quality food

You don’t go camping for the fine dining experience. What you DO go for are the s’mores, marshmallows, hot-dogs, pizzas and more! You’re camping. This is the time when you are supposed to eat all that junk food you’ve been avoiding. It’s delicious and we’re pretty sure the pioneers did it back in the early years. Don’t count your calories. Just enjoy the campfire and food. You can go back to diets and healthy eating on Monday.

  • Reconnect with friends and family

The next time you go camping with friends or family, take a look around the campfire. Soak in the moment you are having. Camping is the perfect time to plug the phone into the wall and go outside to reconnect with friends and family. DO reconnect and DO make memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Reset your mind

If you are going camping alone, remember to relax. DO reset your mind with nature and relaxation. We tend to get wrapped up in busy schedules and lives. Going out to just soak in nature and relax can help to reset your sanity/mind. Just turn off the phone, grab a drink and enjoy the view. Sometimes doing nothing can be rewarding!

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator