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5 Reasons to visit Salt Fork State Park

Ohio is home to some gorgeous National Parks. The further down you travel, the larger the parks seem to get. So it’s no surprise that Ohio’s largest State Park is located right in the heart of rural Guernsey County. With forested hills, open meadows and misty valleys, Salt Fork is a wonderful park, full of beauty and outdoor activities, for everyone. If you’ve never been to Salt Fork, read on, because we’ve got some great reasons why you should!

Largest State Park

Salt Fork has over 17,000 acres of forested hills, valleys, meadows and streams that spread over the entirety of Guernsey County. That means there are plenty of awe-inspiring and breath-taking views, for you to take in. Due to the largeness of the park, visitors won’t be able to see the entire thing in one day, leaving you to return year after year.


Geocaching has really taken off in the last couple of years. If you are big into geocaching, Salt Fork is a really cool place to go. With the size of the forest and some really great spots for hiding, this park is beyond great for treasure hunting. If you’re not sure what exactly geocaching is, check out this article and start your adventure today.

Natural Beauty

Just like any park in Ohio, Salt Fork is a pretty well forested area. It’s still nothing short of awe-inspiring and shouldn’t be overlooked though. With thousands of acres of rolling hills to navigate and plenty of water areas, there is always something beautiful that will catch your eye.


If you’re an outdoorsy person, Salt Fork should be added to your bucket list. We’ve already touched on the beauty and size of the park, but what really makes this place a MUST visit is the activities. You can enjoy just about every outdoor activity, that you can imagine, in this park. Fishing, hiking, geocaching, horseback riding, golfing and hunting are just a few of the awesome activities found in this national forest.


A final reason to consider visiting Salt Fork might come as a surprise, but it’s a good one. Throughout the year, Salt Fork hosts a handful of festivals. With the annual Arts & Crafts Festival (pictured above) taking place in August and the Halloween celebration in the fall, the park has a handful of great festivals for visitors to check out.

Travelers from all over the state come to Salt Fork for their own reasons. From activities to its natural beauty, this park is a fantastic place to take the family this summer. Plan a trip and see yourself, just how awesome Salt Fork State Park really is! 

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