5 Reasons To Visit The 2017 Ohio State Fair at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

It’s the peak of summer, and that can only mean one thing…..FAIR TIME! The Ohio State Fair kicks off today and soon local fairs will follow. But, let’s talk the state fair for a moment. It might seem pointless to drive all the way to Columbus for a fair. You’ve probably got other things to do. The weather might be miserably hot. It’s the same old thing, every year. All valid points….BUT we’re giving you five NEW reasons to visit this year’s state fair! Check out our quick list below:

1.Location, Location, Location

The fair is in the middle of the state, which means that you’ll probably have a DRIVE ahead of you. There is an advantage to this however. The fair is located around some pretty great attractions, all located within a few minutes of each other. This makes a GREAT reason to use those vacation days you’ve been holding on to. Take a Friday or Thursday off and head to the fair. That will leave you the weekend to hit up other local attractions like German Village, Columbus Zoo and The Wilds, or the Horse Shoe at The Ohio State University. Book a stay at Pine Lakes Lodge and cut the drive time in half. We’re located a little over an hour away from the fair and other great attractions!

5 Reasons To Visit The 2017 Ohio State Fair at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

2. New Grub

Food lovers rejoice! There will be NEW food options offered at the fair this year. Now, don’t panic. The traditional caramel apples, corn-dogs, ribbon fries, cotton candy, etc. are not going anywhere.  However there have been promises of new options including crepes, specialty tater tots, chocolate chip cookies and deep-fried tacos (we’re salivating right now) on the menu for food options this year. With food being a staple reason to visit the fair year after year, there’s no surprise vendors are vamping up the grub. Regardless, the new options sound absolutely mouth-watering and appealing enough to make the drive! Just look at those tots! Check out the fair’s Facebook page for updates on what foods you can look forward to this year.


3. Entertainment

Okay, honestly. Other than food, the entertainment is really the only reason most people attend the fair, right? From acrobatics to famous country stars and the animal show-cases in between, the fair has something for everyone. This year, the fair promises acts from all different walks of life, guarantying plenty of fun. There will be strolling performers, aerial acrobatics (of course), competitions, magicians and someone named Pogo Fred. This means buying low-priced tickets for a full day of free entertainment. Great food and free entertainment…does it get better than that? And really, don’t you want to go see what “Pogo Fred” has got up his sleeves these days?

4. I can’t believe it’s butter

Would you believe it, if this year the butter sculpture revolved around chocolate milk? Oh…you didn’t know there were butter sculptures at the fair? Yup. This year’s sculpture is a salute to chocolate milk, the official beverage of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. The 2017 display contains athletes, a cow and her calf and a six foot tall bottle of chocolate milk. Sculptors really outdid themselves this year, by incorporating color in the butter sculpture for the first time ever! 2,000 lbs of butter and 500+ hours later, the display was opened to the public Tuesday and ready for viewing. Make sure to stop by and see the sculpture before checking out of the fair. If nothing else, it’s really cool to look at (pun intended). If you would like to see the making of the sculptures, click on this Facebook video.

5 Reasons To Visit The 2017 Ohio State Fair at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

The 2016 Ohio State Fair Butter Sculpture

5. Getting Crafty

Probably the newest addition to the fair, and the most exciting to some, is the first-ever Craft Beer Festival. If you like tasting craft made brews then this alone, might be reason to visit the fair this year. There will be 12 breweries that each showcase two of their favorite beers. The event takes place on Wednesday the 26th from 4pm – 9:30pm where people can taste the beer and dance to some great local musical acts. If you would like to read more about this event check out their event page.

While this blog aims to show five NEW reasons to visit the fair this year, it didn’t showcase all reasons. For more reasons to visit the 2017 Ohio State Fair, check out their website. Go eat delicious and otherwise unhealthy food, join some competitions, and watch some great entertainment. Overall, make sure you enjoy yourself and make memories. For questions on booking a suite or cabin at Pine Lakes Lodge while vising the fair, check out our webpage or give us a call at (740) 679-3617!

What are you looking forward to at the fair this year? What brings you back year after year? Let us know in the comments below or share pictures. We love seeing what our guests enjoy.

By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

*Pine Lakes Lodge is saddened to hear about the tragedy involving the Fire Ball ride at the fair. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those injured or deceased. *