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7 Reasons to Travel to Southern Ohio

When it comes to vacationing destinations, Ohio is a state often looked over. What most people don’t realize however, is that Ohio is FULL of surprises and fun attractions, fit for any road trip or vacation. There are cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus for fun. State Parks, like Hocking Hills and Cuyahoga Valley National Park fill out the state in every corner.  Large baskets, serpent shaped lawns and giant stamps pop up along roadsides. The list goes on really.

Southern Ohio though, is a gem of its own. From rolling hills that seem to never end to delicious Amish cooked goodies, the southern part of our beloved state has plenty for travelers to see and do. Check out our list of 7 reasons you should ABSOLUTELY visit Southern Ohio. You might see something you had no idea even existed.

Beautiful Scenery

Green Hills

Though the photos DON’T do it justice, the hills of Southern Ohio offer amazing views. Pine Lakes Lodge sits right in the heart of the Appalachian Valley, so we know a thing or to about views. They might not be the mountains of Tennessee, but we can promise that our Southern Ohio hills are just as beautiful and definitely worth the drive.  


Single Zebra

You know you’re in Ohio when you drive past group of white-tails standing on the side of the road giving you the side-eye. Other than deer though, Southern Ohio has a plethora of animals ranging from exotic to the run-of-the-mill trash panda (raccoon).  With local businesses like The Wilds, Southern Ohio is becoming a sweet spot to see some sweet local and exotic wildlife. 

Delicious Grub

Bear's Den Steak

Local restaurant The Bear’s Den shared this delicious meal on their Facebook page

Food bloggers and enthusiasts alike, can really bite off more than they can chew down here (pun intended)! It  comes as no shock that southerners know how to cook. Don’t believe it? Book a stay at ANY southern establishment and try the local grub. You will be served with home-cooked, appetizing and largely portioned meals. 

National Parks

Cedar Falls

National parks are scattered throughout Ohio, so the need to drive south for more is not required. However, southern parks are far more appealing. Parks like Salt Fork State Park and beautiful Hocking Hills offer awe-inspiring views and breath-taking landmarks. You can spend well over a day in these parks, and that’s not even including some of the activities they offer. 

Amish Vibes

Ohio Amish Country

In the year 1809 Amishman, Jonas Stutzman, settled his homestead in Ohio’s Holmes County, and the state’s been blessed with the Amish culture ever since. Taking a trip to Amish country is like stepping back in time. There are so many reasons to visit Amish country but the food/treats and hand-crafted woodwork are two of the most popular.

Unusual Attractions

The absolute one thing the state Ohio is NOT short of supply on, is roadside attractions. From large baskets to a rubber stamp, the state has unique attractions in almost every county, and Southern Ohio seems to have the most unique. Like this rather large basket, located in Newark, OH. 

Wine Country

Georgetown Winery

Local Winery, Georgetown Vineyards during Spring season

Home to several great wineries, Southern Ohio is considered “Wine Country”. This is due largely in part to the acres upon acres of rich farm land that populate the lower half of the state. Winies and tasters should most definitely plan a trip to Southern Ohio for the wineries alone. Aside from the great taste, the ambiance of the scenery makes you feel like you are in another country. 

Travelers can spend a day kayaking, tasting wine, purchasing Amish goods and SO much more down here in Southern Ohio. It may not be the Mountains of Tennessee or the thrill of being in another country, but the South will make anyone feel as if they are not in Ohio any more! Plan a trip and see for yourselves or just take a road trip. For booking a stay at Pine Lakes Lodge please visit our website at:

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

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