Animal Menagerie – for kids of all ages!

IMG_0346Animals are everywhere at Pine Lakes Lodge, our Ohio bed and breakfast, and we have quite a menagerie of them.  We no longer have a “petting zoo” per se, but have an amazing and eclectic collection for observation.  We also no longer offer horseback riding of any kind.

Be on the lookout for Zebra!  We also have many miniature horses, white tailed deer, buffalo, Texas long horn steer, cows, goats and American Quarter Horses.

We have a terrific Observation Deck across from the Lodge that provides an interesting and relaxing view of our 125-acre fenced retreat.  It’s a great vantage point for photographers, too.  We even keep a pair of binoculars in the lodge that can be checked out by guests to enhance the views!

In the many ponds all over the property, you can enjoy ducks and a swan.

We also have a beautiful koi fish pond…

Finally, we round out our animal menagerie with our newest bulldogs “Farley” and “Brinley.”  Our beloved Leo is a senior is mostly retired.

Parents:  our animals are gentle and love attention, but we ask that you supervise your children and ensure are kind and gentle with these creatures.  Please do not feed our animals – including waterfowl – without our permission.  We are always happy to have some assistance during feeding time!