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Michelle & Abe – Emerald June Wedding

Some say music is the food of love and Michelle and Abe might agree. After meeting through a mutual friend the two attended a concert and their love story took off. From their first date to the unpredictable proposal, it was clear these two were meant to live in harmony. Get a glimpse of their incredibly [...]

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Carlie & Talor – Country October Wedding

Like any great love story, Carlie and Talor's started at a brewery, on their first date. They fell head over cowboys boots in love with each other and less than a year later, Talor proposed in the same brewery. Fall is a beautiful time of year for weddings, so it's no surprise this adorable couple [...]

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Shauna & Michael – College Love Story

Shauna and Michael are two Buckeye alums who met in a college dorm, after she nearly knocked him off his feet. After several years of dating, these two were so in love, they skipped the proposal and decided to get a ring and head to the alter. Or in this case, the lodge. Having both [...]

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5 Reasons to visit Salt Fork State Park

Ohio is home to some gorgeous National Parks. The further down you travel, the larger the parks seem to get. So it's no surprise that Ohio's largest State Park is located right in the heart of rural Guernsey County. With forested hills, open meadows and misty valleys, Salt Fork is a wonderful park, full of [...]

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Candice & Skipper – Wedding by Candlelight

Is there anything more romantic than a candlelit evening? How about a wedding by candlelight? Candice and Skipper definitely made us gush with their romantic candlelight elopement in March. It was a heartfelt ceremony complete with beautiful views and so much love. That's what you get when two beautiful people meet at church, fall in [...]

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Father’s Day gifts for the camper in the family

Let's face it, Father's Day is one of the most difficult holidays for some. Although he's loved, sometimes dad is just really hard to buy for. If the patriarch in your family is a camper, you might have it easier than most though. Campers like dad can always use new gadgets and gizmos for their [...]

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Georgetown Vineyard

Living in the Southern Ohio hills has its advantages. One of them being the perfect environment for beautiful wineries. No, it's not #winewednesday, but this blog does feature wine! In an effort to not only support local businesses but provide great local recommendations for travelers, we are featuring this blog on the beautifully local winery, [...]

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Adrian & John – Black and White May Wedding

Five years ago, this week, Adrian and John decided to tie the knot. First, met through her brother and really hit it off. Then, John decided Adrian was the girl for him and he got down on one knee, while on vacation. Finally, Adrian got her dream wedding with a black and white theme. The [...]

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5 Memorial Day Camping Must Do’s

Whether or not you can believe it, Memorial Day is almost here. Seems like just yesterday we had snow on the ground, and because we live in Ohio, there might be snow on the ground tomorrow. That's besides the point though. Memorial Day is here and good weather or not, camping season is starting. We've [...]

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5 Ways to Spice up the Romance at Pine Lakes Lodge Bed & Breakfast

Here at Pine Lakes Lodge, we know a little something about romance! Owners Joe and Sarah were married for over 50 years after all. Since opening our doors in the late 2000s, we have been able to help guests relax and spice up their romantic lives with our thoughtful luxuries and intimate personal touches. Being [...]

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