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Camping and Firework Safety at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

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With the 4th of July coming up in less than a week, fireworks will soon be lighting the night sky. In preparation for the holiday celebrations, we are going over firework safety and precautions. According to the The National Council on Fireworks Safety (NCFS), the number of Americans planning to set off backyard fireworks this July is expected to be at an all-time high. The best way to enjoy this 4th of July to the fullest is to remain safe and prepared at all times. Check out this quick list of 10 things you should check-off before setting off fireworks this year.

  1. Always have a bucket of water near-by – have a water bucket close by and a hose in case something catches fire.
  2. Don’t mix alcohol with fireworks – remember alcohol hinders decision making and slows responses, making it harder to get to a safe destination in time.
  3. Soak your fireworks after use – after igniting each firework, soak them in water overnight. This prevents the potential of fireworks to catch dead grass, garbage or other household items on fire.
  4. Light up in a clear area – although this would seem obvious, make sure to set fireworks off in a clear, open area. Avoid setting them off next to cars, people, houses, buildings, or wooded areas, to prevent a fire.
  5. DON’T experiment with homemade fireworks – if you don’t have enough money to purchase legal fireworks then just simply enjoy your county’s show. Homemade fireworks are unpredictable and dangerous to everyone around.
  6. Children should be monitored – don’t let children play with any type of firework without supervision. Although they may seem harmless, sparklers can be just as dangerous as any other firework. Always keep an eye on children when fireworks are around!
  7. Watch duds – lit fireworks that don’t set off, should be monitored. Do NOT relight them or throw them away. Instead wait 30 minutes and then soak them overnight.
  8. Know the firework – avoid misfortune and disaster by reading the cautionary labels and performance descriptions on each firework BEFORE igniting. Know how each firework will explode so you can prepare appropriately.
  9. Stay legal – each state has laws and regulations regarding fireworks, and you should get acquainted with them before purchasing any. Don’t pack them in luggage, if you are planning on traveling out of state. Also, don’t be afraid to report illegal firework usage or explosives, such as M-80s and quarter sticks.
  10. Be CONSIDERATE – this rule might not be thought of often, but it is just as important as the rest. Pay attention to who might be around you while setting off fireworks this season. Remember that some individuals may have stress-related disorders or could be sensitive to loud noises.

This list might seem daunting, but it can help save lives and keep everyone safe. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the 4th of July in your own way. Just remember to rely on this checklist. Don’t combine alcohol and fireworks, always know who’s around you, remain within the legal limits, and above all, STAY SAFE. While this list is great for everyone, pay special attention to it if you are planning on camping this 4th of July. Don’t be that person who harms other campers or lights up the campground. Instead, leave the explosives up to the professionals, and just enjoy the show!

For more from the NCFS click the link here.

Did this blog help? If you have suggestions on firework safety, leave us a comment below or on our Facebook article. We would love to hear how you participate in 4th of July festivities. Remember to stay safe and enjoy the holiday weekend!

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator