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Halloween Weddings Are Not All Spooky

Candy, costumes and frightening activities. Halloween has them all and then some. What Halloween typically doesn’t have however, are gorgeous weddings. Sure, there has been a small increase in Halloween weddings in recent years, but still Halloween weddings seem to be sparse.

Why is that? Are people afraid of this lively holiday? Is there concern the wedding will be more creepy than elegant?

Well the answer is no. Halloween weddings (or weddings on Halloween) most certainly do NOT have to be terrifying or creepy  in any way. In fact most Halloween weddings turn out to be stunning. It’s all a result of how you plan.

First pick a great color palette. Bright oranges, darker reds and deep purples have the ability to pop with the fall landscape and bare foliage. These colors are ravishing. Using them correctly will make any wedding elegant rather than eerie. Wedding websites like and design studios like PAVONE show great examples of how to subtly yet elegantly use a Halloween color palette.


Style plays another big factor. With a holiday like Halloween there is an ability to be very unique. If you want to skip the non-traditional wedding dress, channel Sarah Jessica Parker and go black. Dress your wedding party in striking outfits or subtle Halloween garb. Skip the church and get an arch. The possibilities are endless. Cosmopolitan, Pinterest and show a great contrast in ways to apply uniqueness to a Halloween wedding, yet keep it elegant. 


When it comes to being unique with Halloween weddings don’t stop with the bridal party. Be unique with the decorations as well. Skulls and Ouija board decorations are obvious but dare to be different. Focus on more elegant decorations. Reuse old wine bottles for centerpieces, candles for lighting, pumpkins for table seating and isle markers, the possibilities are endless.

There is nothing to fear about a Halloween wedding. They can be fun and they can be elegant. Utilize the natural fall landscapes and throw some deep colors in, to make the wedding pop. Be unique and have fun with the planning process. There are endless possibilities and nothing to be afraid of!

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

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