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Incorporating Fall Decor Into Your Wedding

Fall is obviously a beautiful season to tie the knot. The foliage, the decor, the weather. Everything about fall is awesome. However, using fall decor in a wedding can have a negative effect. Three fall staples that can be see in any fall wedding are pumpkins (duh), donuts (or other fall food), and leaves. Before adding them to a fall wedding though, check out these unique ways to really make these objects pop. There might be something that sparks creativity! 

Pumpkins – These fall icons are common in Autumn weddings. Ideas that think outside the box can really up-the-ante for these staples though. Use pumpkins for something other than basic decoration. Paint table numbers on them, carve them with adorable sayings or designs and stick candles in them for after dark, hollow them out and use them for flower holders or spray paint in the grass and use them whole for giant games of checkers for guests.

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Fall Comfort Food – Arguably the best part of weddings is the food. With food styles changing in the wedding scene this could be time for comfort food to shine. There are some pretty great comfort fall themed foods that can be incorporated into a wedding, and without breaking the bank. We’re talking caramel apples, candy, apple cider, donuts, popcorn and more. And, if all else fails, throw them all together into one delicious buffet for guests to pick and choose from.

Fall wedding food buffet


Leaves – Leaves might not seem like a beautiful decoration, but if used properly, they can really highlight a wedding. Incorporate them into your engagement photos, use them for light table decoration or have the flower girl toss them instead of flowers.

Leaves for fall wedding

Don’t let a wedding become lackluster because of the overuse of overused fall decor. Instead take gorgeous staples from fall and incorporate them in a new way. The payoff could be more beautiful than expected.

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

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