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Lodge Animals Are Exotic

As cute as they may seem, the animals at Pine Lakes Lodge Bed and Breakfast are still wild.

Fred head shot

Here at the lodge, we’ve got (almost) everything from tough American Bison to adorable English Bulldogs. And they are just like an extension of our family. Take Brinley and Farley, our bulldogs, for example. These two adorable lodge additions are so loved, they have an air conditioned and heated (miniature lodge) house just feet from the lodge. Occasionally they can be found lounging around the lodge or greeting guests upon arrival, after a hefty bath.


Other animals, such as our Fallow Deer, Zebra and Carla (our gorgeous camel) are also just like family, but still exotic and wild. Now agreeably, Carla is extremely adorable. Our girl has her days where she is friendly and loves getting attention. But, like most of us, she also has her days where she can be cranky. As a result, we ask that you (our guests) please do not feed or harass our exotic family members, while visiting the lodge.

Carla looking in distance

Now don’t get us wrong. We know our animals are beautiful, so we do encourage you to visit and observe them. We just ask that you please don’t enter their enclosures or climb on the fences enclosing them.

We have recently started to see more people attempting to join the animals in their enclosures or sticking hands through to touch them. And this is something we want to cease, to avoid stressing them out. If you have any questions regarding our animals, please feel free to ask our staff at the lodge. If you see other guests harassing or attempting to feed our animals, please let our staff know. We really appreciate our exotic animals and hope you do to. Thank you in advance for looking our for Carla and the gang!

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

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