It is HARD to believe that 2017 is coming to an end. Seriously, there is less than a month until 2018 and we just don’t know if we’re ready for that yet! To help us cope with the thought of a new year, we are counting down our top 10 favorite moments of 2017 at Pine Lakes Lodge.

  1. We hit the ground running this year by partaking in not one, but three trade shows. A little over zealous, we’re aware of that now. However we absolutely LOVED meeting all the future brides and getting to meet other vendors. We won’t mention how much cake and samplers we ate, but we also loved that too.
  2. This year we got some new merchandise…which we are aware is not as exciting to you, as it was for us. We did get some good reviews on our new merchandise items, so we might have to add another few things in 2018.
  3. Early on in the year we had a change in command and staff. Situations like that are always tough, BUT we now have General Manager Julie, and we absolutely adore her!
  4. Black Angus Suite. After the passing of our owner Joe, we were afraid his office would never be completed. However, grounds keeper Buddy swooped in a saved the day by finishing the room. Now you can rent out the suite and the addition overnight.
  5. We get it, we get it. Shut up about the spa cabin already. Sorry but we’re not sorry about clogging up your news feeds and littering your email folders with spa announcements. The addition of our spa cabin/bridal suite was a big moment for us, and we couldn’t stop grinning.
  6. We had not one, but two, TWO paint and sip parties this year. We kicked off Valentine’s Day with a couples paint and sip party, where couples painted a doe and buck at dusk. The results were gorgeous. Then we celebrated the Ohio State Buckeyes and painted block O’s close to the border battle. They were both lots of fun. They both had great results and we loved every minute of them.
  7. Carla. Need we say more? She’s not “new” per say. But Carla will always be on our top 10 lists, because she’s Carla.
  8. The surplus of babies that were born this year. Let’s attempt to count them all, shall we? One baby zebra. Two baby buffalo. A new flock of geese and a litter of kittens. We probably missed one or two. There is something in the air here, we sear! Maybe next year we’ll see a baby…Carla?!
  9. We had so many beautiful weddings, we’re still in awe. Is there anything else to say? Every wedding we held this year was SO beautiful. We can’t wait to show you their blogs! We are booking for 2018 and 2019 weddings, so get at us.
  10. The last but most important thing we loved about this year, was having our wonderful staff work for us. From our social media personnel, to our grounds staff, to our General Manager, we could not have done it without them! We wanted to give a MASSIVE shout-out and thank you to our awesome staff for the hard work they put into the lodge this year. From giving the outside a much needed spruce, to finishing the spa, to coordinating weddings, to cooking amazing meals, they could not be stopped. SO please join us in thanking them and let them know how wonderful they are this holiday season.
    • Julie – GM
    • Buddy – Grounds keeper
    • Will – Grounds keeper
    • Shelby – Cook
    • Amanda – Staff
    • Kim – Staff

These were our top 10 favorite moments of 2017. Hopefully 2018 will bring more great moments for us to reminisce about in 2019. UGH! We don’t even want to think that far ahead. Were there any moments that you loved about 2017? Get engaged? Get married? Have a baby? Adopt a dog!? Comment below what some of your favorite moments were. We want to hear them!

Pine Lakes Top 10 Favorite Things From 2017 at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

Congratulations to our 2017 brides! Good luck to your futures

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator