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Predicted 2017 Wedding Trends We’ve Been Waiting For!

We’ve read the expert blogs, stalked famous companies, and drooled over beautiful websites. Now, after months waiting in anticipation, we FINALLY have a list of wedding trends to look out for this year! This is not a complete list of expected wedding trends, but it lists a few of the most popular. For more trends check out wedding websites like,,, or scroll down to look at some of our favorites. But for right now, sit back and enjoy!

First looks

The “First Look” moment between the bride and groom is a intimate touch that was started a few years back, but is becoming popular. While some brides are sticking with the tradition of waiting for the aisle, others will adapt the first look moment, for their 2017 or 18 wedding. We don’t know how you feel about this trend, but we can’t WAIT for all of the adorable first look photos headed our way!

Geode & Agate themes

If we’re being honest, this is one thing we did NOT see becoming a trend. Crystals and rock formations blew on to the scene a few months back when bakeries started incorporating them into cakes. With the rise in popularity, they’ve even expanded into the wedding style circle. From chandeliers, to cakes, to table numbers, rocks are expected to make landslide into the majority of wedding styles and themes this year.

Green agate cake

For more delicious looking cakes, click on the photo!

Ditching receiving lines

Good news for the bride and groom on this one! If what we’ve heard is true, you can count on skipping that awkward, never ending line of relatives you’ve never met before. Instead, once the ceremony concludes, invite them to cocktail hour. This takes the awkwardness and formalities out of your big day and replaces it with a more casual vibe. It also helps kick the night off in a quicker, classier kind of way.

Modern Industrial Vibes

Fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines know this style all too well. Thanks to their hit show, “Fixer Upper” this style has become the basis for every home remodel since 2013. It’s not stopping there though, as bridal experts say we will start seeing this style incorporated into the coming wedding seasons. We are SO not sorry to wave goodbye to gold and glittery metallics, and are thrilled to see more accents of bright white, industrial emphasis and wood in receptions and ceremonies.

Indsutrial Modern Wedding

Click on the picture for more Southbound Bride Industrial/Modern wedding ideas

Goodbye rich hues, Hello softer colours

Pantone recently rolled out their 2017 Fashion Color Report, and we’re in L.O.V.E.. Greenery came in on top of the list and was followed by a list of softer, dusty-like and faded colors. This is a change from the rich darker hues, we’ve been seeing. With that being said, anticipate this color scheme to start showing up in weddings later this year. We will see more greenery in flowers, decor and possibly even cakes, along with lighter color schemes.

Hairpiece as the “new” veil

We know what you’re thinking, but no. Veils are not completely a thing of the past. Hairpieces though, are expected to make a big statement this year. This is possibly a result of an increase in Bohemian style weddings, or maybe just because more brides are going for a natural/relaxed look these days. Whatever the reason, their adorable, so we’re not even mad.

Bridal hair piece

Long Stemmed Bouquets

Last wedding season we saw more unstructured and free flowing bouquets and floral center pieces. However, with more weddings aiming to be a relaxed and laid back event, we will start to see this incorporated into florals as well. This season, flowers will have longer stems. Instead of carrying the traditional tied bouquet, brides are more likely to carry a few free, long-stemmed buds. We like this idea, as it gives brides a bolder bouquet to work with and looks a bit more elegant.

Moody Flower Hues

Speaking of flowers, wedding planners foresee a lot of Pantone’s color lineup showing up in floral arrangements and bouquets as well. While this is an interesting turn from last years, deep rich hues, they’ll look just as beautiful. stated that, “Shades such as dusty rose, milky coffee, champagne, buttercream, apricot and moonstone will challenge floral designers and flower farmers to source blooms in these complex colors” this year. For the complete list of expected 2017 floral trends, click on the bouquet below. You will NOT be disappointed.

Moody flowers

Velvety smooth comeback

According to some wedding websites, velvet will be making a HUGE comeback in weddings this year. Although it is predicted to be more popular for weddings during the winter months, will still see elements of it in other weddings. Tablecloths, dresses, and chairs are expected to be the main source of velvet this year, but keep an eye out other unique uses of it.

Let them eat….tiered dessert displays?

First there was fondant, then there was ‘naked’. NOW expect to not even see cakes at all! For those of us who care ever so deeply about sweets, there is still good news though. Cakes might be out, but they will be replaced with tiered dessert displays. We’re talking stacked plates of macaroons, specialized cupcakes, delicious donuts and more. Trend experts forecast tiered desserts will be the new 2017 dramatic wedding cake. So for those who love cake, this might not be a favorite trend, but give it a chance. You might find your new favorite dessert. For more tiered dessert examples, take a look at the “Handheld Dessert and Dessert Table Displays” blog, by MyWedding blogger, Anne Momber.

Tiered Dessert Display

This list of trends was unexpected and interesting to say the least . From having our hearts broken because of lack of cake, to velvet making it’s way into receptions, to a complete color scheme swap, there was a lot to take in. There are some trends we’re definitely looking forward to, we’re looking at you lighter colors, and others we’re not sure will stick around for another wedding season. What do you think? Will we see trends like velvet table cloths for awhile? Or do you have another prediction? Let us know in the comments below!

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