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Wedding Trends Predicted for 2019

The year 2019 has begun and we all know what that means. New year, new wedding trends.

This year seems like it is going to shake things up from previous years, as wedding experts predict differences from wedding attire to barely even having a wedding at all. We could list every trend we’ll see surface this year, but then we would be blogging well into 2020.  So for now, we’ve studied blogs, sifted through articles and listened to the experts to bring you a list of 10 popular wedding trends we will see this year.

Grazing tableMinimalism

Minimalism has grown in popularity in interior design these last few years. But now experts are saying we will start seeing minimalism in weddings as well. Teissia Treynet and Alia Wilson, of Firefly Events state, “The key to this trend is a simple color palette with two or three colors and clean lines,” they note. “We love using florals that have more architectural shapes and incorporating natural elements like wood tones, stone, and marble.”

Grazing Tables

Grazing tables are somewhat of an interesting concept, as they are predicted to replace buffet tables and wait staff. Instead they are meant to make an artistic statement and ensure your guests don’t go hungry throughout the night. They might look a little messy and somewhat off-putting, but they might be a new guest favorite this year.



Pappas grass wedding arch

Royal Wedding Inspired Floral Decor

With the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle taking place last spring, this “trend” comes as no surprise. and various other wedding sites have predicted that this wedding season we will see more weddings with similarities to the royal wedding. Similarities such as simple wedding dresses and larger-than-life floral installments are among the few similarities we are expected to see.


Outside weddings are still pretty big, but Pampas grass is expected to make an appearance. This tall, silky, South American grass is gorgeous and quite ornamental. Lyndsey Hamilton of LH Events says that, “grasses are chic, unfussy, and add another layer depth to the design. From highlighting the aisle in your ceremony, to creating a moody vibe at your after-party, pampas grass can elevate any element of your wedding.” This trend can turn out to be beautiful.


3 Piece Suits 

After years of wedding trainers, suspenders and laid back outfits, menswear expert, Dominic Trooper, of The Wedding Gallery, is predicting that men’s style will take a complete turn. Instead of looser and laid back clothing, expect to see men dressed to the 9’s. Three-piece and tailored suits will reappear adding class and sleekness to some weddings this year. And honestly who doesn’t love a man in a sleek suite and tie?

Cutout Dresses

Men’s fashion isn’t the only thing changing in 2019. Some brides are going opposite from Meghan Markle and getting edgy with their dresses. says some brides are getting a little unconventional with their dresses this year. We look forward to seeing designs with high-low or slanted hemlines and even one-shoulder silhouettes.




Illustrated Wedding Invitation


Edible/Custom Wedding Favors

Recently we have seen couples customizing their weddings to give them a more personal touch. This year we will see edible and custom wedding favors, as an added personal touch. Be on the lookout for welcome bags and even souvenirs from weddings this season.

Illustrated Invitations 

In another effort to make weddings more personal, Martha Stewart Weddings (of course, who else?) is predicting the rise of custom illustrated invitations. Rather than taking your photos on a thumbdrive to the store and throwing together a cute STD or invitation, consider hiring a local artist to design your inviations. This trend, although adorable and yes more personal, can be costly. And do you really want to be dropping  a lot of money on a card that will hang on someone’s refrigerator?




Dark color palette


Velvet is making the list again, after a year hiatus. Which makes us wonder, what is it about this fabric that is so enticing? Is it the feel? Just the look? Or is it the fact that it can be used in any season? Whatever it is, we will see more velvet this year in decor, amongst other wedding details.

Dark and Edgy Color Palletes

Experts predict that this year brides are going back to the dark and edgy side. The last couple of years we’ve seen lighter and pastel based color palletes. However, with the addition of elements like velvet, pampas grass, industrial themes and more, weddings are becoming obviously edgier. But this is a trend we can always get behind. There’s just something about moodier accents and darker hues that really pull out the essence of romance at a wedding. Do you agree?


With the exception of Royal Wedding trends, this list is rather surprising. It seems experts are predicting various contradictions in tends, from most recent years. From brides taking an edgier side to men dressing to the 9’s, to sheer minimalism. Either way, this wedding season is guaranteed to be a gorgeous one! What do you think? Did any of these trends surprise your? Do you have any that you’re excited to see? Let us know in the comments below!

Credits: FireFly Events,, The Wedding Gallery, LH Events,,, Martha Stewart Weddings

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

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