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Recapping 2018 Today’s Bride Bridal Shows

Pine Lakes Lodge kicked off 2018 by attending both the Akron and Cleveland Today’s Bride shows, again this year. Even with questionable weather, brides could not be stopped from coming out. We were out at the John S. Knight Center in Akron on the 14th and made our presence known in Cleveland at the IX Center on the 27th and 28th. This year we had more energy and came back with a lot more of everything.


Although in the middle of a minor snow storm, brides could not be stopped from coming to the Akron bridal show this year. Setting up Saturday was somewhat of a struggle, as we had to fight with heavy snow, badly plowed streets and other cold vendors fighting to get inside where it was warmer. Despite the few small snags we encountered we were set up and ready to go by 9am Sunday morning. A few brides staggered through the halls between 9:30 and 10, but we really started to see a surplus of brides around 10:15am. DJ’s were really pumping out the music, girls were getting hair and makeup done at the popup salon, and food samples were filling the air with delicious smells.

Akron bridal booth 18

It’s not much, but it’s our Akron booth.

Favorite quote overheard at the Akron Bridal Show, “My drink smells like feet. But I powered through it. Another one please!”

This year our staff seemed to have more energy than last. We made it through the seven hour show in stride and still had some energy left over for booth dismantling. Our booth was completely torn down and loaded up and staff was ready to go within an hour of the show wrapping up. This could have been because of a surge of last minute energy or it was a sugar rush from all the samples of delicious cake and desserts we got, as food vendors were wrapping up. It could have been either really.. By the end of the show though, we were grateful for everyone who stopped by our booth to enter our giveaway or wanted more info on what we offer. It was really great to meet Facebook ticket winner Heather Cowden-Roe as well! Check out some of our photos from the Akron show-

Akron Gallery of Cakes

Congratulations to  Kayleigh Yoder of Grie, PA. Kayleigh was the Akron bridal show winner of our giveaway.


In the big big world of the IX Center, Pine Lakes Lodge set up our tiny, yet effective booth for the two-day Cleveland show. The weather wasn’t bad that weekend, so we were expecting a few more brides than we’ve seen in years past. What we got however, was much much more than we anticipated. Our booth was in the center of the show this year, so we didn’t start seeing brides for the first 45 minutes. Once they started though, they did NOT stop. And we mean like for hours, they did not stop coming.

Favorite quote overheard at the Cleveland Bridal Show, “Thank you for being so normal.” -regarding our staff 

The energy of the center was great. Lots of brides dancing to music, wedding dresses were being tried on, food samples were floating around and there was a man playing saxophone for the entire two days! There were some very impressive and beautiful cakes in the gallery this year, including an upside down chandelier cake. The fashion shows were bumping. One of the Today’s Bride staff remembers had to tell brides to stop climbing on an IX Center statue. We swear we didn’t make that last one up! All in all it was a great two days. We had so many more excited and interested brides and bridal parties stop out and visit our booth this year. And for that we are so grateful. Check out some of our photos from the Cleveland show-



Favorite quote overheard at the Cleveland Bridal Show, “Thank you for being so normal.” -regarding our staff 

Congratulations to winners, Abby Sexton of Barberton and Kelly Beilstein of Northfield! These two winners were drawn for our Cleveland giveaway.

As bridal shows typically are, both shows were overwhelming at times, yet really fun and definitely worth it. The shows seemed to really fly by this year, and took our January with it. We met some great brides and bridal parties and we can’t wait to host your event(s). If you saw us at the bridal shows and have questions regarding weddings, events, or just overnight stays, please email us at Remember, we are a full-service bed and breakfast, so you don’t have to book a wedding. Just come out for a relaxing weekend away from planning.

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

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