Lodge Opens New Spa Cabin at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

We were serious when we said BIG changes were coming for the lodge in 2017. One of the biggest additions we are most excited to announce is the renovation of our Spa.

What originally started out as another cabin for guests, has taken on a much larger role this year! After putting some work in on the new (soon-to-be Honeymoon) cabin, our staff had bigger aspirations and saw potential in it. So blue-prints were drawn, meetings were held and thus, the spa was created. Continue reading to learn how this little cabin might benefit you this year!


Okay, so who doesn’t like a spa day? Seriously though, spas are perfect for anyone (we’re looking at you men..). In this day and age spas are not just a place you go to get your hair and nails done. Instead, most focus on rest and relaxation. Since this theme fits well with the goal here at Pine Lakes Lodge, a spa seemed perfect.


Now we know what you’re thinking….”get to the services offered already!” Well after waiting for so long, here is our new list of spa services offered at the Spa at Pine Lakes Lodge.


  • Basic Relaxation (Couples)

Consists 1 hour couples massage in the cabin. Afterwards enjoy the cabin to yourself (availability permitting) with a fruit platter, meat & cheese box and one bottle of wine or champagne.

*Also offered in a Single version as well*

  • Premium Relaxation (Couples)

Includes 1 hour couples massage in the cabin. Afterwards enjoy the cabin to yourself (availability permitting) with a gourmet snack basket and a box of chocolates. Also included, is a romantic dinner for two and a bottle of wine or champagne to top off the night.

*Also offered in a Single version as well*

Basic Services

  • Single Massage (1 hour)
    • (1/2 option)
  • Couples Massage (1 hour)
  • Essential Facial
  • Express Facial
  • Full Body Wrap/Conditioning Wrap
  • Caribbean Body Wrap
  • Tourmaline Dermabrasion Facial


Lodge Opens New Spa Cabin at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

*Photography by Desired Focus Photography*

Ladies listen up! This section is actually all about you. You can now book the cabin for your wedding day! Yes, you read that right. Although not obligated, soon-to-be brides are welcome to book the entire cabin for you and the bridal party preparations. Complete with mirrors, hangers, furniture and more, this cabin comes equipped and ready for bridal usage. Now you no longer have to worry about being seen before your ready. No more pesky stairs to manage down either. Just a cute, quant little cabin waiting for your arrival.

Brides are permitted to bring their own hair and makeup stylists as well. You do not have to book through the lodge. Once you’re done, our staff will be ready and waiting to cart you right up to the alter! It’s as simple and stress free as that. If you interested in booking our Spa Cabin for you wedding, please let us know, so we may include it in your tour and contract. 


So there you have it. Book a simple massage during your stay or go all out and get optimal relaxation with one of our packages. Brides, consider booking the cabin to destress and declutter the preparation process, while sipping on mimosas. Whatever you book it for, we are just beyond excited to offer our new spa to you and we hope you are just as excited as we are to experience it.

With that, we are proud to introduce to you The Spa at Pine Lakes Lodge.

Lodge Opens New Spa Cabin at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator