Here at Pine Lakes we have a variety of lodging options for our guests. With three cabins and six rooms to choose from in the Lodge itself, we’re positive you will find the perfect space for your getaway. To make cabin choosing easier for you, we are separating our cabins into a three part series.

In this week’s blog we are taking you all the way over to the to the other side of the property for a look inside the Frontier Cabin and its secluded hilltop!

Pine Lakes Lodge: Take In Views With The Frontier Cabin at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OHThe Frontier Cabin

Located furthest from the lodge, the Frontier Cabin is the smallest of our three cabins. Aside from the distance, this cabin is a guest favorite because its remoteness, history, and remarkable views.

One obvious feature of this lovable cabin, is the history. Although the exact date remains a mystery, the origin of the cabin is sometime in the 1790’s. This means that the Frontier Cabin is actually older than Ohio as a state! While that may be hard to believe, we promise there won’t be questions about the authenticity one you’ve approached it.

Pine Lakes Lodge: Take In Views With The Frontier Cabin at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

Sometimes people want to get away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives. We get that. Luckily, the remoteness and seclusion of the Frontier offers just that. Far away from any main roads and city life, the cabin sits on top of the highest hill on the property. Being situated so high up gives the cabin arguably one of the best views in Southern Ohio. From the front porch, guests can see beautiful southern Ohio hills that go on for miles. Make sure to spend at least one afternoon absorbing the breath-taking views. After sunset, continue to be dazzled and rest underneath billions of stars. Sit out by the fire and roast hot dogs and s’mores or loosen up in the hot tub located right on the front porch.

After admiring the views, step inside and feel what it’s like to possibly go back in time. The cabin’s decor and structure help you to feel as if you are camping. In the family area kick back and watch television in the air-conditioning, or enjoy a nice warm fire in the stone fireplace during winter months. Despite its size, the Frontier Cabin comfortably sleeps six people and now has an attached bathroom. Meaning, now you don’t have to worry about going outside in the middle of the night!

If you desire to have a “no-frills” experience that closely resembles camping, without the hard ground, then the Frontier Cabin might be the perfect cabin for you. Enjoy the seclusion and collect your thoughts. Take in the awe-inspiring views from the rolling hills and dazzling stars from the hot tub or rent a gator and go for a ride. At the end of the day, the Frontier Cabin is a perfect cabin to just simply get away from it all. If this sounds like a great, relaxing idea to you, then make sure you book your next stay in the Frontier Cabin!

Interested in hearing about our other cabins? Make sure to check in on the Pine Lakes blog throughout the upcoming weeks. Spring is here so we will be sharing more on our cabins and other available lodging options to help make sure you get the most out of your Pine Lakes experience!

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator