Ohio is a such a beautiful state to live in. Just think about it. You don’t have to spend hours and gallons of gas traveling out west to see beautiful hills. Instead, if you find yourself in need of an occasional great outdoor adventure, you can save time and gas by just heading south a few miles.

The History Behind Ohio’s Most Unique Bed & Breakfast at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

For those who don’t know, southern Ohio hills appear to go on for miles and the scenery, complete with various animals, can be breathtaking. Beautiful Ohio landscape such as this, gave Joseph J. Detweiler, owner of Pine Lakes Lodge, a reason to go into land sales many years ago.

Being an Ohio resident his whole life, Joe knew the ins and outs of buying land before deciding to purchase Pine Valley Farm in 1983. After seeing the breathtaking views, Mr. Detweiler decided against selling the land because of the natural beauty of the surrounding rolling hills.

After years of selling land in multiple states, Mr. Detweiler began looking for a quiet place to retire with his wife Sara. In the early 2000’s, he decided to revisit his land at Pine Valley Farm and thought it would be the perfect spot. Plans were drawn and soon thereafter, a modest log cabin home fit for Sara and Joe was started. Anyone who has met Joe however, knows that with his “larger than life personality” the modest log cabin in construction, was going to be a gem of a home!

As construction progressed on the cabin, Joe added and changed ideas on how it should turn out, until finally completing the lodge in October 2003. However, with over 11,000 square feet, the home began feeling more like a palace than a lovely place to retire and the couple decided to turn it into the bed & breakfast it is today.

Today, Pine Lakes Lodge is still in the business of helping guests relax! Other than accepting guests throughout the week, Pine Lakes specializes in romantic getaways, and peaceful retreats. Just like Mr. Detweiler predicted years ago, our unique bed & breakfast sits on land surrounded by rolling hills and offers beautiful picturesque views for guests to marvel at. The lodge now has many new faces as well. As mentioned in our last “Meet the Staff” blog, our newest manager Liz Kenisell and newer staff members strive to make your stay as welcoming and accommodating as possible. While here, enjoy wonderful cuisine or a gourmet 3 course dinner. Or, if you are looking for some outdoor activities check out our awesome amenities. We currently offer John Deere Gator rentals, clay shooting and a various amount of different animals ranging from buffalo to zebras to see!

The History Behind Ohio’s Most Unique Bed & Breakfast at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

Past and potential guests should stay tuned, because thanks to your answers in our customer survey, we will be adding amenities and deals in the next couple of weeks! As always, we love meeting new guests and we hope that you can enjoy Pine Lakes at it’s best! Especially now that you know a little history behind our gorgeous log palace that sits at the top of Buskirk Lane!

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator