Traveling used to mean packing up the family, a cooler and heading down the road. But, with pet friendly locations popping up all over the country, you can now expect to bring the family pet along for the ride. This is a great idea for some great family memories, but if not done properly, can be hard on your pet. For those avid pet travelers, we have these three tips, to keep in mind.

Tip #1

Probably the most important trick to traveling with your beloved pet is making sure you pack the essentials. There is no such thing as packing too much! You need to make sure you have anything and everything that will help your pet, if he gets lost, hurt or sick from eating something. Check out our recommended list of 11 things you should ALWAYS pack when traveling with your pets:

  1. Food and water bowl
  2. Favorite toys (for down time and a sense of home comfort)
  3. List of local veterinarians (in case of injury/sudden sickness)
  4. Current medications
  5. Collar/leash
  6. Food
  7. Paper/old towels (in case of late night clean-up)
  8. Up to date photo (in case Fido or Whiskers get away from you)
  9. Doggie bags
  10. Crate and crate pad or bed
  11. Up to date documents from veterinarian

Some of these things might seem ridiculous to bring along, but they could save your pet’s life. Don’t skip out on things like the documents from your vet. Anything could happen and being over-prepared can set your mind as ease.

Tip #2

One tip, that people don’t often think of, is to pet-proof your suite/room. This one is pretty important if you are planning on leaving the furbaby in while you run out for dinner or some local shopping. It’s important to pet-proof the room you will be staying in, so you can avoid mishaps. Here are some things you should proof before leaving your pet alone in your room:

  1. Make sure ALL hazardous objects (exposed wire, outlets, etc.) are tucked away
  2. Protect the furniture and woodwork
  3. Take precautions against marking territory

Pets that are left alone in an element unknown to them might panic chew or scratch the furniture and/or woodwork.  If your pet is prone to anxiety, consider wrapping up the furniture or bringing a scratching pad/chew toy to keep them busy. And of course, always make sure they are spayed or neutered, so they don’t mark territory. Avoid the hefty clean-up charge on your bill and pet-proof your room immediately after arrival.

Tip #3

The last tip for happy travels, is to release some energy before leaving home base. Releasing energy might sound like an odd tip, but can come in pretty handy in the long run. Check out these suggestions for burning off some excess energy, before leaving:

  1. Take your pet for an hr. walk
  2. Vigorously play with your pet for an hour
  3. Go for a jog
  4. Feed your pet 15 mins before leaving

Before piling everyone in to the car, try one of these suggestions. Burn off some energy so your pet is less likely to be wound up in the tight quarters of the vehicle. If your pet is one of those animals that likes to lounge after eating, consider feeding them before taking off. Just remember to stop in an hour to let them use the bathroom!

Tips For Traveling With Fido and Whiskers at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

Traveling with a pet, can make great memories. Leaving your furbaby behind for a week, or more, can be hard. Thankfully, more and more vacation spots are understanding, and invite you to bring your pet along. Pine Lakes Lodge b&b is one of these proud establishments, and we allow dogs of 25lbs. in our lodge or dogs of any size/weight in our cabins. Read about our pet policies on our website, and bring Fido with you. We love meeting new pets!

These tips are great for traveling with your pet, to your desired vacation destination. However, there is so much more to traveling with a pet. For more on traveling with your trusty companion, be sure to check in on our blog in the coming weeks. We will have more tips and stories for you!

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator