Pine Lakes Lodge is an Ohio bed and breakfast that strives to make guests feel at home. We work hard to keep up with our rich family history and friendly reputation. After all, owner Joe Detweiler, built the lodge for he and wife Sara to live and host family at.

From the moment guests step through our front door, our focus is on them. Personable staff are here to welcome and make guests feel like they are at home with us. Being a bed and breakfast, our prime focus is on guest comfort and the feeling of family belonging. Our awesome staff will make sure everyone has a tour of the place and settles in comfortably.

In the morning, wake up to a hot and fresh breakfast, prepared specifically for you. There will be no need to leave early in search of a local restaurant that may or may not have delicious breakfast items. Guests won’t have to question if what they’re eating is real or imitation food. Instead come down to the kitchen, along with other guests, and let our staff know exactly what you’re craving. Pull a chair up to one of our family style tables and get to know other guests. One hidden gem, some guests might not be aware of, is our breakfast in bed option. Leaving bed in the morning, is NOT mandatory here at Pine Lakes Lodge. Let our staff pamper, by cooking up a custom made-to-order meal and delivering it to the suite door.

If a case of the munchies might arise in the middle of the night, we’ve got the perfect solution. Snacks, fruit, coffee, juices, etc. are up for grabs just downstairs in the kitchen. No need to pre-pack snacks or run to the local grocery store for a pick-me-up.

Guests have the option to go off-site to see local attractions, but most choose to stay closer to the lodge. And why wouldn’t they? We’ve got great activities that staff can arrange. The lodge has yard games, picnic lunches, a shooting range and of course our famous exotic animals. Let our staff pack a nice picnic lunch to enjoy. Get a John Deere Gator rental for rides around the property. Book a custom deep-tissue or couples massage at our Spa. There is also always the option of laying around the lodge living room and just relaxing all day long. Guest have the choice to do whatever it is that helps them relax. Our staff will take care of the set-up, clean-up and everything in between. Visit our log cabin in South East Ohio for a weekend and become part of the Pine Lakes Lodge family. That’s how we make our guests feel like they are part of the family.

Pine Lakes Lodge wants our guests to know that we consider them family.

Don’t believe us? Book a stay and find out for yourself!

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator