While doing some wedding inspiration research, on Pinterest (duh, where else?), we came across a very intriguing blog called, “Wedding Pinterest Trends We Are Sooo Over“, and that got us thinking… Are there any trends that we really don’t care for? Have we seen any this year?

After some thought and a little digging, we did find 4 things that we decided we could really do without in 2018 weddings. Check out our list below and see if you agree with any of our ideas.

  • Food Trucks

We have honestly NEVER been a fan of this trend. Food trucks are quick and probably less pricey, but let’s think about the negatives. They have short selection of food options, they take up a ton of space at the venue and they can be tacky. Some brides opt for the truck, because they don’t care for clean-up and we get that. Just make sure to check all your options for catering, before settling on a food truck.

  • Over-the-top Flower Crowns

Flower crowns just take too much away from the beautiful bride. When flower crowns first hit the bohemian wedding scene, they were simplistic and cute. Now we feel as though brides just go way overboard with them. We by no means are saying you shouldn’t wear a flower crown for your wedding. But, are you going to regret having a huge sunflower or peonies in the center of your head in your gorgeous wedding photos?

  • Breaking The Bank

Is anyone a fan of spending thousands of money on a wedding? As a venue, we highly highly advise that you create and stick to a budget. We can agree that budgeting is the worst! Numbers crunching should be a thing of the past, but it could really save you big time, when it comes to your wedding. We suggest not going over the top on decorations or party favors. Instead, make the day revolve more around you and guests. Go more simplistic or traditional. It’s all about how you make memories, not the materials.

  • Themes

Before you get bent out of shape on this one, hear us out. Themes unless done a certain way, are not the greatest. They take a lot of work, confuse guests and run up a budget. In 2018 we’d really like to see less roaring 20’s, and Harry Potter themes and more simplistic themes like vintage, modern chic or rustic. Sounds original, but maybe it will be refreshing.


These were some of the biggest wedding trends we saw in 2016 and 2017 weddings. Some brides pulled them off, while others fell flat. However, it’s your day and you should plan it the way you want! If you think you  rocked one of these trends, comment below or attach a photo.

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By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator