Planning a wedding is stressful. Arguably one of the most stressful aspects of planning, is finding and booking the perfect venue. Will the venue fit everyone you expect to come? Are the staff there helpful and polite? Is there enough time for your reception to last? What is included in the price? And most importantly, is this venue a perfect fit for your special day?

There is really too much to think about when booking your venue.  So to take the stress and frightening aspect out of booking, we have provided a list of reasons why Pine Lakes Lodge might be the perfect venue for you.

  1. The Views

Coming in at number one, are the views. It’s no secret we’ve got some great views here at the lodge. If you are looking for a way to make your photos stand out or you want that “mountainy” feel for your wedding then this is a GREAT reason. The surrounding hills offer great picture opportunities. April through September offers couples great backgrounds, giving your wedding photos an exotic theme, without the expense of a destination wedding. If you’re REALLY looking to have gorgeous wedding photos consider having your wedding in the fall. Fall colors light up the distant Ohio hills and make pictures pop. Even though our pictures don’t do justice, check out some of the beautiful fall weddings we’ve held in the past here.

5 Reasons You Need to Have Your Wedding at Pine Lakes Lodge this Year at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

2. Price is Just Right

Reason number two; our prices. We’ve heard through the grapevine that our prices are hard to beat. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our wedding reviews on Facebook. In the meantime, believe us when we say, we’ve got one heck of a system for you. To break things down as simple as possible, our system is designed specially with you in mind. Don’t want to spend a ton? We’ll accommodate you. Just want to keep it small? We’ve got the perfect package for you. No budget? We’ve got the space and the price to match your large group. While some bed and breakfasts charge large amounts of money for your reception, we keep it simple and allow you to decide how much you’re willing to spend.

3. Plenty of Room

No matter what the size, we more than likely have the room! At this point it’s common knowledge that we have both a Conference Center and a Banquet Hall. What you might not know however, are the logistics of each area. Our Conference Center fits up to 60 people. With tables, chairs, a fireplace and fully usable kitchen, the center is the perfect area to host an intimate gathering or very small wedding. It’s in a prime location as well. Just outside the patio doors feel free to dance the night away, with a backdrop of some pretty great views. Our Banquet Hall, on the other hand, is there for those looking to go big or go home. This hall holds up to 350 people comfortably. Located closer to the entrance, your guests won’t have far to drive or walk at all. Get married just outside or inside depending on the weather. The Banquet Hall also provides tables, chairs and so much more! For Conference Center and Banquet Hall wedding pics head over to our Pinterest page.

5 Reasons You Need to Have Your Wedding at Pine Lakes Lodge this Year at Pine Lakes Lodge Salesville OH

4. Fits Your Style

Another reason you should have your wedding with us is style. We fit with any style. Get married outside for an outdoorsy/hipster feel. Have an intimate elopement on our back patio with a few close friends and family. Go country chic in our wooden banquet hall. Or, go for the more modern feel that’s in style this year. Whatever your style, we can make it happen.

5. Accommodations

This is our SLAM-DUNK and final reason to have a wedding with us. We’ve got a wedding staff that are willing to work with you, make your day unforgettable, and are happy to help in any way. You really can’t go wrong here. Wedding Coordinator Joyce will give you a tour, help you plan and make sure your day goes off without any hitches – pun intended. To help you remember your special day and there to answer any questions you have is our team member, Shelby. These two are more than willing to go that extra mile to answer any questions you have (and remember, there’s no such thing as a dumb question). They will also help in scheduling, lodging, the set-up of your wedding blog and so much more. Just ask them what they can do!

Here at Pine Lakes Lodge Bed & Breakfast, we are willing to accommodate your wedding day and make it as unforgettable as you want it to be. If these five reasons weren’t convincing enough, come take a tour of the property! We’ve got amazing views, hard to beat prices, and an awesome wedding team waiting to meet you. For pricing, tours or to just get a feel of our property, call Wedding Coordinator Joyce today at 330-204-0987 or email Shelby at

Want to know more about the lodge? Make sure to check in on the Pine Lakes Lodge social media pages throughout the upcoming weeks. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and see what we’re up to on Pinterest! We will be sharing more on the lodge and upcoming deals or events that you won’t want to miss!

By: Shelby – Social Media/Marketing Coordinator